Corporate Offerings

Our team has successfully fueled corporate projects, delivering one, two, or three meals per day with precision and accommodating diverse dietary needs. We provide nutritious and comforting food for large groups from short-term to long-term engagements.

Beyond corporate projects, Sussex Chef seamlessly caters to special events, ensuring every occasion has delectable flavours and impeccable service.

Drop off/individual bags and boxes

Experience convenience and customization with our individual breakfast bags and lunch boxes. Labeled with your dietary preferences and delivered promptly at your chosen time. No fuss, no complications. We’re here to streamline your catering experience. Let’s make it straightforward and satisfying together.

Below are just a few examples, showcasing the range of possibilities. The sky is the limit, and we’re always eager to work with any ideas or specific requirements you may have, turning them into a delicious reality.

Our Business Ethos

We operate with a local focus in both our business approach and culinary choices, utilizing regional suppliers and ingredients.

Our commitment to professionalism ensures a courteous and discreet service from your first contact to the last clean plate.

Our dedicated staff is here to assist at every stage of your event planning. Driven by a passion for food and a commitment to quality ingredients, our chefs create exceptional dishes for your enjoyment.

For a catering experience you can be proud of, contact our team to discuss your plans.