BBQ display

We steer away from the term ‘buffet.’ Instead, we prefer to call it a Display.’ Our aim is to curate an enchanting setting to showcase the exquisite food we create, delivering a visually captivating and bountiful experience.

You have the flexibility to mix and match across our menus, allowing you to curate your own, tailored to your preferences

We marinate our meat 48 hours before your event, guaranteeing a mouthwatering experience.
We exclusively use top-quality sourced meat, and prioritize local produce whenever possible.

Feast style dining

Opt for a more laid-back, communal dining experience with our Feast Style option. Let the barbecue take center stage as we bring the delightful spread directly to your table. This relaxed two/three-course experience is designed with a combination of platters and bowls, perfect for sharing and passing around the table